**FINAL CLEARANCE** Grave - Odi Et Amo // CD Jewel Case

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The long anticipated album by Grave UK is here!

Odi Et Amo is a punishing 9 track experience throwing all sorts of beefy riffs, breakdowns and powerful choruses at you. Hailing from South Yorkshire, these boys capture the heart, power and pain of the dirty North. You won't disappointed.

These CDs are printed into full CMYK inlays with a clear jewel case. Orders will be fulfilled within 3-4 working days unless specified otherwise.

Only 50 of these have been printed so cop one quick. They are also available from the band at their live shows.

Listen to the release here : https://graveuk.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR0XFsUlq0vqSulT-oBG4A9tuFwKwL6sF9mUJrigsABgQTI-5y588WjlO70

Follow the band on facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/graveuk/

Tracklist :
1. Grave
2. Helpless
3. Odium
4. Scum
5. 1909
6. Unloved
7. End Me
8. Disease
9. Decay

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